In Facility management services, we ensure that customer’s IT setup is being maintained for maximum uptime. ABACUS offer facility management services on SLA model, Facilities Management Services typically involves following activities:

  • Technical Facilities Management
  • Manpower Management
Technical Facilities Management

We define Technical Facility Management as “The Care and Servicing by personnel for the purpose of maintaining equipment and facilities in satisfactory operating condition by providing for systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or be fore they develop into major defects”. We undertake maintenance including tests, measurements, adjustments and parts replacement performed specifically to prevent faults from occurring. To maintain above, we strive and maintain equipment to perform at their optimal levels under high stress condition. We use the following steps to achieve the same:

  • Facility and Network Management
  • Help Desk Management
  • On-Site Support and Professional Services like Network and Security Audit etc.
  • Supervision, Monitoring and Operations of Facilities
  • Existing Resource Optimization/Enhancement
  • Internet Security, Firewall, Mailing and Backup solution
  • Consulting on Right Hardware and Operating system
  • Server Administration , maintenance and monitoring
  • Breakdown troubleshooting
  • Streamlining Processes for enhanced logical and physical security
  • Routine Preventive Maintenance checks and troubleshooting services
  • Pre-emptive Performance check / Failure Analysis
  • Anticipatory check, defining breakdown threshold and breakdown prediction
  • Capacity Utilization and Performance Analysis
Manpower Management
  • Hiring appropriate manpower
  • Defining skill sets for manpower
  • Staffing and scheduling
  • Resolving onsite controversies among various agencies
  • Training for skill up gradation and operations


In AMC Service, we ensure that customer’s IT Devices are being maintained for effective Up-time. AMC Services involves following activities:

  • IT Hardware Support
  • Site Operating System And Application Support
  • Networking Support
  • Maintenance and Break-Fix Support
  • Spares Movement/Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Support
  • Network & Bandwidth Management
  • Clustor Solution With Application/Database fail over
  • Storeage Area Network (SAN) / Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Linux ,NT, Unix configuration / performance Turning


Availability Services covers following :

  • Maintenance Services
  • Waranty Support
  • Post Waranty Support
  • 24x7 Highwah Availability Support
  • Spares Support


  • Project Planning : Using industry-recognized best practices, we develop a detailed project plan tailored to Client situation that identifies tasks, phases, milestones, resource requirements, dependencies and risks. Project planning, estimating and tracking
  • Project Management : We provide Complete Project management Services to oversee Project Deployment, including managing resources, coordinating schedules, and working with third-party vendors and partners.
  • Project administration, tracking & reporting
  • Customer, vendor and team management
  • Managing large rollouts across territories / locations.


Our Integration Services ensure that :

  • Network Architecture is scalable and performs at optimal levels
  • IT infrastructure meets the desired standards for Security, Reliability & Availability
  • To get most out of existing / already deployed technology set-up
  • Guidance for right technology choices
  • Integration of existing systems with new technologies

Our Integration Services Offering:

  • Installation / Configuration of Servers, Operating System
  • Installation / Configuration of Networking, Routers, Switches
  • Cluster Solution with Application / Database fail over
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) / Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Network Assessment of existing network environment, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and making recommendations for areas of improvement.
  • Solution Design and Development - We help to align technology strategy with customer business or process strategy; and leverage the latest distributed computing tools and techniques to design and develop tailored solutions that take full advantage of open client-server computing.
  • Integration and Deployment - Assemble all the components of IT solution. Provide hardware or software procurement, configuration, tuning, staging, installation, and interoperability testing, integrate and deploy the solution.


  • Developing communications drawings detailing assigned cable numbers
  • Developing patching schedules for Node-to-IT rack connectivity
  • Developing station and riser cable termination schedules
  • Reviewing implementation of established cable infrastructure design
  • Implementation scheduling with cable resources and construction manager/client interface
  • Reviewing product submittals
  • Cable plant installation, integration and testing
  • Coordinating and managing all requests for additional work
  • Complete and deliver final cable plant documentation
  • Annual Maintenance contracts for UTP/Fiber cabling
  • Testing and Certification
  • Instrumentation


The Solution Design is a creative and dynamic process that should parallel the other designing aspects of a project. We as consultants, involve ourselves at an early stage in the project – preferably at the conceptual stage and work closely with our client’s design team, provide guidance on the practicality of various technical solutions and technologies, present them with options, working budgets and suggest them with alternative technologies, products and solutions.

We also prepare the scope of work and technical specifications needed to obtain competitive bids, choose the best among them through a detailed Techno-commercial comparison process, and give the final recommendations on all aspects of the project including vendor selection. To meet the above requirements, the over-all project design will be converted into the following outputs.

  • Techno-Economic feasibility Study
  • Project Scope
  • System Design & Technology Selection
  • Capacity Calculation & Risk Analysis
  • Preparation of Detailed Specifications & RFPs
  • Qualified Vendor List
  • Techno-commercial scrutiny of offers
  • Techno-commercial purchase Recommendations
  • Negotiations and Purchase orders